Our Team

Our team consists of professionals who are involved with operations, finance and sales. It is their dedication that Nepal Dream Travel and Expedition has been able to provide high-quality services over the years. Ours is a team of nature enthusiasts who are committed to travelling and share a common devotion to provide best experiences to our clients. We have been expanding our services by providing new and unique destinations and itineraries that are tailored to clients interests.

  • Shital Sharma Poudel
    Managing Director

    Shital Sharma Poudel

    Mrs.Shital Sharma Poudel is a leading female tourism entrepreneur in Nepal, presently presiding as Executive Committee Member of Nepal China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCCI). She is the founding member of Nepal Dream and has more than fifteen years of service in tourism and travel business. She has travelled many countries and has rich experience in planning, organizing and guiding successful trips in South Asia including Nepal. 

    She has been actively involved in different social works and has experience in different tourism and business organizations. She was elected as Executive Committee Member of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents Association (NATTA) for 2016-2018.

    With her travel background in many regions worldwide, she can be an excellent source of advice as you plan your next trip. Shital can organize YOUR DREAM TRIPS with Nepal Dream.

  • Nabin Poudel
    Medical Director

    Nabin Poudel

    Dr Nabin Poudel is Orthopedics & Trauma Surgeon by profession and he is Medical Director of Nepal Dream. He graduated from prestigious National Academy of Medical Sciences, National Trauma Center / Bir Hospital , the oldest goverment medical center in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed Fellowship Training from Fortis Hospital, Mohali, India. He is practising Orthopedics at Civil Service Hospital, New Baneshwor. 

    Being a trauma surgeon, he is integral part of our team in managing any trauma during adventure travel and associated other medical ailments related to travel medicine. He has participated in different international trainings including Emergency Room Trauma Course from International Commiittee of the Red Cross (ICRC). 

    He loves nature, and he is fond of travelling. He loves exploring the natural beauty and understanding the local culture and cusines whenever he gets the chance. Our guests are in safe hands whereever they travel with us.

  • Sunita Sharma
    Operational Manager

    Sunita Sharma

    Mrs.Sunita is Operational Manager of Nepal Dream Travel and Expedition. She has experience of more than a decade overseeing logistics including specialty groups and film shooting units in Nepal. She is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Nepali, Hindi and she loves interacting with guests, which as she says is “my best way to stay happy”.

  • Sumitra Dhakal
    Logistics Manager

    Sumitra Dhakal

    Sumitra Dhakal is Logistics Manager of Nepal Dream. She has completed Masters in Tourism Management and has rich experience working in different organizations. She has recently joined Nepal Dream and brings her experience to organize and arrange the best of trips for our guests. She loves to travel and has special interest in nature based excursions.

  • Laxmi Chalise

    Laxmi Chalise

    Mrs. Laxmi Chalise is an experienced accountant at Nepal Dream. With her expertise in financial management, Mrs. Laxmi helps the company maintain accurate financial records and make informed business decisions. She is highly organized and efficient in managing financial transactions, including accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, and payroll. She is a valuable member of the team, ensuring that the financial health of Nepal Dream remains strong.

  • Ghanshyam Nepal
    Tour Guide

    Ghanshyam Nepal

    Mr.Ghanshyam Nepal  is a reliable, hard working and friendly guide leader who has been with Nepal Dream Travel and Expedition since 2009. He is associated as a member of Tour Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN) and has wealth of experince travelling more than 12 countries including China, USA, UK himself. He is multilingual and speaks Chinese, English and Hindi fluently. He can guide you to your dreams.

  • Bishnu Acharya
    Tour Guide

    Bishnu Acharya

    Mr.Bishnu Acharya has been associated with us as leader guide since 2010. He is nature enthusiast and has an excellent knowledge of nature , mammals, birds , reptiles and local cultures. He has done some remarkable job such as founding the Bird education society ( BES)in early 90's and worked as team member during Rhino translocation program from Chitwan to Bardia in 2003. He is friendly, loves nature and can enrich you with details of nature during the travel. 


  • Nima Gombu Sherpa
    Climber Guide

    Nima Gombu Sherpa

    Mr.Nima Gombu Sherpa is our Expeditions and Mountaineering Guide who is with us since the founding of our company. He is one of the highly acclaimed mountain guides who has summitted Everest record 17 times himself. He has experience of more than thirty expeditions in above 8000m high mountains. He has successfully summited other mountains in Himalayan region. He is top class professional who takes safety of clients as first priority. Nima’s wealth of mountaineering experience makes him successful guide for Everst expeditions, Kailash / Manosarbar Yatra,  and many other trekking and mountaineering expeditions.

  • Lakpa Dawa Sherpa
    Climber Guide

    Lakpa Dawa Sherpa

    Lakpa Dawa Sherpa is our Expeditions and Mountaineering Guide ,who has rich experience on mountains. He started his moutaineering from 2012 with successful summit of Mount Amadablam. Since then he has summited Mount Everest 4 times, Laboche Peak 5 times & Island Peak 2 times. He is one of our main climbing guides , with honesty and sincerity as his core strengths. Client safety has been at cornerstone of all expeditions guided by him. 

  • Suresh Dhakal
    Tour Guide

    Suresh Dhakal

    Mr Suresh Dhakal is our dedicated tour guide showcasing our tourist attractions, encompassing culture, religion, spirituality, architecture, rituals, and the sublime wonders of nature. He is passionate about exploring the spiritual and cultural aspects of our country, ensuring each journey becomes a transformative experience. Concurrently, his role as a part-time sociology lecturer enriches his ability to provide insights into the social dynamics that shape the destinations tourist explore. Together, as a cultural luminary and academic guide, Suresh is committed to crafting immersive journeys filled with nature, culture and human experiences.

  • Buddha Laxmi Shakya
    Buddhist Tour Guide

    Buddha Laxmi Shakya

    Ms.Buddhalaxmi Shakya is a very reputed senior professional in tourism industry. She started her career in tourism since 1994 and is working with us since the founding of Nepal Dream Travel and Expedition. She studied Buddhism in India and Taiwan for 5 years and has good knowledge of Buddhism. She is very experienced, informative and has exceptional communication skills in Chinese, English and Hindi. Her kindness, humility and faith in buddhist philosophy makes every clients satisfied with her trips.