Bird Watching

The biodiversity in Nepal provides you a rare opportunity to spot rare and exotic birds in Nepal.Nepal is a major destination for amateur bird-watchers and professional ornithologists alike. It boasts an immense variety of birds and avian habitats, and a long history of bird-watching.                      

Today Nepal is a bird watching destination of international importance. For a country of its size Nepal is exceptionally rich in its biodiversity, specially its avifauna. A total of 862 species of birds is an incredible number for such a small country. (The number varies; others say it is 875.) Nepal is similar to a small model of various climatic and topographical regions; the vegetation of the country ranges from lush sub-tropical forests to open grasslands, riparian forests to alpine pastures, to deserts of the trans-Himalayan region. Its location in the area overlapping the Pale arctic and Oriental regions has endowed it with the flora and fauna characteristic of these two regions. This has resulted in Nepal becoming a favorite with birds, both resident and migrant.

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